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A boat trip in the Scandola nature reserve

Visit the Scandola nature reserve by boat

The Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the best natural sites in Corsica. It is both a marine and terrestrial heritage. Thanks to its incomparable beauty, this reserve is included in the list of protected areas of France and also of the world heritage of UNESCO. For your next stay in Corsica, do not hesitate to visit this remarkable biodiversity.

Where is the Scandola Reserve?

The Scandola Nature Reserve is located in the municipality of Osani, located in the western part of Corsica. Its territory covers 1,669 ha, of which 919 ha are land and 750 ha are maritime. It offers 1000 ha of seabed. This reserve is only accessible by sea. You should therefore consider renting a boat from Ajaccio, Porto or Bonifacio.

An incomparable landscape

The Scandola Nature Reserve brings together red rocks plunging into the sea. The contrast between the color of the ocean and these rocks offers an exceptional landscape. You will have the opportunity to discover a local bird, called the osprey. If you stay a few hours in the territory of the Scandola reserve, some marine animals can pass near your boat: tunas, swordfish, dolphins, etc.J

PS Aventure, the specialist for sea excursions in Scandola from Ajaccio

JPS Aventure makes rental boats available to tourists and vacationers. This platform offers a 12-meter boat for 12 people. Take a guided tour of around 8 hours to discover the Scandola Nature Reserve. You just have to make a phone call or send an email to reserve your boat. After visiting this reserve, head to the most beautiful bays in Corsica. These include the Gulf of Porto and the Gulf of Girolata. If you want to visit an environment rich in multicolored rocks, join the Calanques de Piana by boat.

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